Classic Arcade

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The Rise of Arcade Games


Arcade video games are a favored computer game brand that had its pinnacle several decades ago but still control a portion of the computer gaming industry. While most video games today are games played on computers or mobile gizmos, many younger people still love playing the video games at arcade entertainment areas.

You might play an arcade game for one penny back in the early 1900's and the price has climbed over the years to the present price of typically around fifty or seventy-five cents but still not so expensive as to scare off possible game players.

The peak period for arcade video games was in the 1970's when there were arcade centers all over the country and there really was not the rivalry there's now with individual game devices and home PCs. Most public places like malls and pubs had an area for arcade games and they did a heavy business.

Some of the earlier games that were huge hits the game Periscope by Sega that was released in 1966. This game was one of the first real mega hit arcade games and first to charge 25 cents for one play. Taito released Crown Soccer Special a year since Periscope and it was also a huge success.

In the 1960's the massive company for video games was Sega who developed many shooter games that were a triumphant success. Many firms have mimicked Sega and today shooter games remain a main Nintendo game genre. Sega continued to lead the industry in leading edge games with the introduction Duck Hunt in 1969 which used screen animations on the game machine.

Coin-operated games started appearing on the market in 1971 and this permitted the arcade games to be put on more public spaces and not need to be . This gave participants more access to the games and allowed a greater player base.

The 1970's saw the arrival of more challenging games that were gigantic successes including Atari's Pong, which introduced video games to a new group of users. The video games just kept coming with Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Battlezone and Donkey Kong.

The success of the arcade gaming scene started to wane in the 1980's with more gamers using home technology and keeping away from arcades, though they made brief combacks with the Street Fighter games.

Joe Jagger is a big fan of video games and particularly the classic arcade video games and the task they played in the history of video games.

Mobile Gaming At Its Best

Smart phones can be extremely fun with their gaming capabilities. Cell phone games have significantly progressed over time. Less than ten years ago, cell phone users would brag to friends about their high score in Snake. Now, people are capable of playing games ported from a Nintendo DS or Playstation Portable. Instead of investing in a handheld gaming device, smart phone users can download these three games to their phone and begin finding out what the hype is about.

Many gamers have at least one or two favorite games they love to play on their phone. Cell phone games are a fun way to pass the time. Luckily, consumers that own a smart phone have a ton of gaming options. The downside is that not every game is going to offer an awesome experience. With so many games available for purchase, many people are not sure which games to start with. However, three games have risen above the rest. These games have earned themselves thousands, or even millions, of fans and should be downloaded by every game-loving smart phone user.

Fruit Ninja is a great game to start with. In Fruit Ninja, you are the ninja and your finger is your sword. Players must swipe their fingers across the screen to cut fruit. There are three different modes that players can choose from, which are Classic, Zen, and Arcade mode, depending on how a person prefers to play the game. Even though this is a single player game, there's a universal scoreboard that provides everyone's score. So if you get really good at Fruit Ninja, your name could possibly make the score board. But you would have to be really good considering that there are already hundreds of thousands of people playing this game.

The second game to download is Angry Birds. By now, most people have already heard of this game. In fact, this game has been downloaded over 100 million times when counting every platform that it’s available on. To play Angry Birds, players launch birds out of a slingshot into different obstacle courses. Inside of the courses are hidden pigs, which players are trying to kill with the birds. There are currently 240 levels, which start off easy, but require more and more strategy as a player advances.

The last game to download is Jewels. Jewels has been around for many years and once it was ported into a phone game, there were over 50 million downloads. To play this game, players will want to move the jewels to create combinations of three or more. Players can play in normal mode, timed mode, or quick and infinite; depending on how fast paced they want the game to be. Although the objective of this game is fairly simple, Jewels can be an extremely addicting game.

Once you have downloaded these games, you can get started on accessories. Motorola Atrix users may want to consider a few Motorola Atrix accessories, like a case and screen protector. Busy Thunderbolt users may want to start shopping for HTC Thunderbolt accessories that simplify their hectic lifestyle, like a car charger and extra battery. Inspire users will want to begin the search for HTC Inspire accessories, like a data cable and Bluetooth headset, that can help keep them connected at all times. Even before you go and accessorize your smart phone be sure to look at the many mobile gaming apps that will certainly enhance your smart phone experience.

Classic Arcade

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Top 10 Golden Age Arcade Classics

Frequently Asked Questions...

How long do you think it will be before XBOX is phased out and no more games are made for it?

Was hoping for more classic arcade releases before it is discontinued. Loved Midway Arcade Treasures.

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I dont think that the Xbox will be phased out quite yet. Sony held on to, even revamped the PS1 for like a year and a half after the PS2 came out. It is a money maker, and not everyone can afford a new 360. Xbox will bw around for some time

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